Happy Holidays from NWA Artists!

I was so lucky to be involved in writing and performing for the City Sessions Christmas project. Myself, Pura Coco, Cameron Johnson, Kevin Kein, and Kalyn Fay got together via Zoom and rewrote a classic Christmas Song. -Jamie Lou 

The song was then recorded and filmed with performances by: 

Bernice Campbell Hembree, Bryan Hembree, Josh Noren Music, Jeremiah Pickett, Ashtyn Barbaree, Candy Lee, Emily Rowland, Jasper Logan, Dooly Jon, Sarah Loethen, Kalyn Fay, Jamie Lou Connolly, Pura Coco, Kevin Kiehn, Cameron Johnson, Jerad Sears, Anthony Ball, Neil Hubbard, Michael Curtis, Nathaniel Bettcher 

Here is the video! Enjoy your holidays!




Produced by Jason Miller, Kevin Kiehn Music and Alex Harmon 

Filmed at the Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale and Fayetteville squares (Downtown Bentonville Inc., Rogers-Downtown Rogers Inc., Downtown Springdale, Experience Fayetteville)