From the recording Femi-Socialite

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from Femi​-​Socialite, released December 4, 2020
Jamie Lou Connolly - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Garrett Brolund - Guitars, Vocals
Matt White - Drums, Vocals
Tim Pelton - Bass, Vocals
Torrance Snead - Keyboards, Vocals

Recorded At Blue Chair Studios in Austin, Arkansas
Mixed By Chris Shaw
Engineered By Darian Stribling
Mastered By Joel Gastwirt

Album Art by Tiffany Willis


It It What It Is

Take my place
Or take me instead
But I can’t promise
What I can in my head

Take it for what it is
I know, I know
It can be hard
Take me for what I am
I know, I know
It can be hard

Trouble in mine
Trouble in yours
Times still running
While we wait for the cure

I love you still
Still as a ghost
Even when you're evil
I'll love you the most