1. Highway Men

From the recording Highway Men

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released March 5, 2021

Jamie Lou Connolly - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Garrett Brolund - Guitar, Vocals
Matt White - Drums, Vocals
Tim Pelton - Guitar, Vocals
Anthony Oswalt - Bass


Recorded At Haxton Road Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Neil Greenhaw
Album Art by Tiny Bird Wings Creative

Words and Music: Jamie Lou Connolly
​All songs published by Jamie Lou and The Hullabaloo

Released as apart of Bike Rack Records VOL 1

all rights reserved


You're a heavy load
And you're bringing me down
You're a ticking time bomb
That’s half way around

You're on a losing steak
On a one way street
Highway men
Just learning to speed

Some say you asked for this
Some say you asked for a fight
Just by walking into the room
By turning off all of the lights

Keep your eyes off me

I hear you're breaking down
Hear you're burning out
If God’s on your side
then God's the devil now

You're on a losing streak
and You were aiming at me
Company men
Just learning to cheat

Keep your eyes off me
Keep your eyes off me