1. Femi-Socialite

From the recording Femi-Socialite

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from Femi​-​Socialite, released December 4, 2020
Jamie Lou Connolly - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Garrett Brolund - Guitars, Vocals
Matt White - Drums, Vocals
Tim Pelton - Bass, Vocals
Torrance Snead - Keyboards, Vocals

Recorded At Blue Chair Studios in Austin, Arkansas
Mixed By Chris Shaw
Engineered By Darian Stribling
Mastered By Joel Gastwirt
Album Art and Packaging by Tiffany Willis

All songs published by Jamie Lou and The Hullabaloo



I was on the road to takin back
What i thought we didn't have
Regret still finds its way back to me and you

The further I stray from you
The more you tie a string up to
Making me move the way you want

I guess that I'm a sucker for
Moving back and moving forth
Held inside the freak show you create

And nothing i could ever say
Could ever make you turn away
Why do i turn away from you

So what are we to do now
Afterall i shut you out
I answer back and start the ride again
I must be a sucker for
Movin' back and movin forth
Held inside a freak show you create

Words and Music: Jamie Lou Connolly